Learn to live happily, with less...



In an increasingly complex, unpredictable world it can be difficult to find clarity in your thoughts and peace of mind. Simplifying your behavioural patterns, removing unnecessary responsibilities and organising and streamlining possessions has been shown to reduce anxiety, stress and indecision.



A cluttered environment and mind greatly reduces our ability to focus and concentrate. By learning to identify and remove unneeded mental and material possessions, productivity can be boosted and creativity can take flight.

Reclaim space & time

Reclaim physical and psychological space with fewer responsibilities to consider and maintain, providing you with more time, space and energy to focus on the pursuits which really matter. 


Ambi Mistry is a Social Psychologist and Life Coach who specialises in helping clients let go of their excess material possessions and mental clutter to live happily with less.

She is a graduate of the London School of Economic's Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, where her research focussed on Consumer Psychology and culminated in the UK's first report on the rise of the Minimalist movement.


Using a dynamic framework tailored to individual needs, Ambi has developed a unique, blended approach to helping her clients live happily with less.

Book a free 45 minute consultation to learn more and explore if letting go could bring greater clarity, productivity and space to your life. 

Press & Speaking Opportunities

Ambi is available for interview and speaking opportunities on matters concerning her research and coaching, including:

  • Consumer psychology
  • Behavioural psychology
  • The psychology of decluttering and letting go
  • Minimalist lifestyles
  • The psychology of creativity and innovation


Even after the initial consultation I already felt like I could tackle some of the things that just felt impossible before. Ambi gave me practical approaches that have helped attack the clutter in my life that I knew was holding me back.
— J, 32 - Mother of two
I had real difficulty getting rid of things before my coaching with Ambi. Understanding the reasons why I found it so hard helped me break the cycle and see things in a new light. It feels crazy how much stuff I used to have knowing what I know now!
— P, 47 - Interior Designer
I really had no idea that so much of my anxiety was coming from the stuff I already had. I never considered that it was nagging at me and taking up my mental space whenever I was in the house. After a few sessions with Ambi and putting her coaching to work, I’ve got a lot better at staying organised at home and I’m getting a lot more done.
— M, 25 - Account Manager
I love anything that helps me increase my productivity and Ambi’s coaching has not disappointed. I’d spent a lot of time focussing on my work but never thought streamlining my possessions and schedule could make such a difference to my output!
— E, 22 - Software Developer


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